What Makes Kaiser Rolls Unique?

Kaiser rolls originated in Germany, but today they're enjoyed by people all around the world. Kaiser rolls are ideal for hamburgers and other hot sandwiches with heavy, dense fillings. You can find kaiser rolls baked fresh at many local bakeries, but before you order a kaiser roll, you may want to know what makes it so special. Here are four things that give kaiser rolls their distinctive appearance, flavor, and texture:

How to Get the Best Deals at the Bakery

If you love a lot of the fresh goods that you can get at your local bakery, you might be interested in how you can continue to get all of those tasty goodies without breaking the bank. Inquire About End-of-Day Leftovers Many bakeries try their best to only serve the freshest of all of their baked goods. This might mean that they do not want to keep things overnight, as they would much rather come back in early in the morning to bake fresh items.